10 Ways How Photoshop Changed The History Of Photography

10-ps-fantasyThis I think is my most interesting post yet.  This great article explains in many ways how Photoshop has changed the history of Photography.  Not only has it changed many things, but also has changed the perception of how we view certain things.  Below is an example in how it has changed our views of what beauty should look like in magazines or posters.


Here you can see what can already seem to be a good detailed picture altered to show what a magazine would view as a preferred look with much editing.


Here another with the addition of style with color to the hair.  Another way it has changed is in the form of how we advertise.  One interesting way of how Photoshop changed the way we advertise is in this nice picture here for a video game release.


Many other interesting things said in this article, please take some time to check it out and click the link below!



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