1. Bottled Water, Its Contents, and Its Pollution

I saw a documentary by the name of “Tapped” in which they focus on the pollution of bottled water and also that the fact that it is not as clean and filtered as you would think.  Numerous chemicals are included in bottled water that can be harmful.  Also there is an incredible amount of pollution with the factories as also with the bottled plastic containers themselves.  The concept here would be to speak about some of the harmful things we don’t usually think of when it comes to bottled water to educate the viewer.

2. Alcoholism

In one way or many we all clearly have witnessed what alcohol can do and how it can start to affect not just the person themself, but also they people around them.  Alcohol cannot just kill in an individual who consumes too much, but when other things like driving is involved, others are put at risk when not even associated.  It can cause great damage to the liver and eventually lead to liver disease if there is continued use.  This would be to give a message that it can change, and people can get help even if they feel they cannot.

3. HIV/AIDS Awareness

Being a Biology major, one of my favorite units of study was the immune system.  One of the main components that was touched upon was HIV/AIDS and I grew very interested in the entire unit.  Many people today do not even know they have the HIV virus and its potential spread can be very easy without proper protection.  This would be to spread awareness of the HIV virus, and send a message of encouragement to get tested and as a world together help prevent further spread.

4. Seaworld Protests

I also some time ago saw a documentary by the name of “Blackfish” which was quite interesting.  It showed the inhumane capturing of the Orcas, them being taking away from their families, while some being killed in the process in order to have whales for these different shows.  There was also bad treatment of the whales when it came to not learning tricks and eventually led to violent behavior of the famous “Tilikum” from Seaworld which can be said to have taken two human lives.  I’m sure what is the current status of Seaworld at the moment but regardless this would be to raise awareness of what did, or what is currently happening in the containment of these marine creatures.

5. Domestic Abuse/Violence and Speaking Out

Many woman, men, and children are affected by domestic abuse.  Most of which feel that they have no way out and are scared to speak out.  This leads to silence which continues the behavior.  No one should have to live through this, and this would be encouragement to whoever is going through it or knows anybody who is affected that they can stand up for themselves and speak out and that they can be strong enough to do so.  No body should have to live in fear and feel helpless, there are options that can be taken to help out those going through these unfortunate situation.  The concept here would be to spread awareness, and to give light to those to see that they can end the cycle.