Cubism Concepts

1. Ocean Underwater Combination Sharks/Whales etc.

These aquatic animals all have similar shapes yet little unique differences.  Putting them all together in one creature while accenting their unique shapes and features would be interesting.

2. Cell phone combination/timeline

All unique shapes of the different phones of the years, making somewhat of a timeline would be the idea.

3. Character Vegeta Profile With Different Versions

 This is a pretty well known character Vegeta from the show Dragon Ball Z.  His life and struggles to achieve each new “form” as you can see in the different pictures can be viewed as representing “time” as a feel cubism has a lot to do with in it’s message.  A combination of all the forms into one picture would be the goal.

4. Two Face/Harvey Dent

 This is the character “Two Face” other wise known as formerly Harvey Dent from the Batman series.  He was severely burned on his entire left side and also carries a two faced coin with one side regular, and the other face scratched.  He uses the coin and flips it in order to make decisions usually in criminal behavior whether he will go through with it or give others a chance to live.  I am not too familiar with the story, this is what I have seemed to pick up from the movies and shows as a child.  The idea here would be to have Harvey Dent before and after the accident in the same picture, with one side of the coin in flipping motion to show time and movement on one side with the unharmed Harvey Dent and on the other side to have the burned side of his face maybe looking at himself with the end flipping coin motion turning to the scratched side.  Showing different shapes and angles of his faces altogether would also be incorporated for the Cubism look.

This concept was eventually chosen for the unit.

5. Game Console Timeline

A final possible concept just like the phone concept.  We have come a long way with all the generations of consoles with each having their unique shape to it.  Maybe another kind of timeline or combination of the consoles showing the unique shapes would be done as a possibility for the piece.