cubism-101. Finding a Picture for Inspiration for the Cubism Piece.

This is a nice piece directly from the examples provided in the website of the professor.  This piece has many colors and the Cubist look I may be looking for with the many cut angled shapes and the nice use of brown, black, white etc.  The concept I’m doing is of “Two-Face” of the series Batman and he tends to wear the black and white colors and would like to incorporate these nice darker colors like the brown and beige into the piece for that nice dark feel that is in his personality while having the lighter colors represent his former self before his accident.

2. Here are Some Chosen Colors that may be Possibly Incorporated into the Piece.

Colors for Cubism

Not 100% sure if these are going to be the colors used but included you can see the black, white, beige, dark brown and gray from which I might want to base my look around.

3. Inserted all sketches as separate layers onto Photoshop.  Sketches might play key role in the finished composition.

cubism progress oneMight eventually cute out pieces just as I have them cut in the sketch and place them in different sequence on one sketch.

4. Started individually taken out the whites on each sketch.  Will try to put certain backgrounds behind some?

cubism progress two

5. Put some new assets from pictures into the background to see how it looks.  Just experimenting.

cubism progress three

6. Adding more to see what it looks like.  Seeing how this can be put into the background as only maybe a piece of the asset.

cubism progress four

7. Trying to find a way to incorporate the 5 colors.  Experimenting a lot here, most likely will not be used in this way.

cubism progress five

8. The Coin is looking good now with 3 different assets put into it.  1 from another sketch of mine, then two from other outside assets.

cubism progress seven

9. All backgrounds were filled and cut respectively to the shapes.


10. Coins were put into place but not yet manipulated to look 3D.