My first sketch is always a little more detailed in nature to get a feel on what I want it to look like.  In this sketch you see many different shapes from rectangle bars and stars of the American Flag and the circles of the coins with the blocking letters.  Many different shapes would give a feel of that Cubism look.  A flipping of the coin will be seen in all sketches to incorporate time into the piece.



This one much different than the last.  What I tried to convey for the rest of the sketches was to add the different shapes in the entire piece to show different angles of each face or hand to show a little movement or time.  Once again you see the coin flipping, and a larger coin in the back, with some parts of it from the normal side of the coin and the other parts of it from the scratched other side of the coin he flips.



This sketch similar yet now having two Harvey Dents.  Both facing opposite ends with the coin side according to their personalities on their respective sides.  On the normal Harvey Dent side will show the normal side of his coin.  This coin will be filled to his other side to incorporate time and movement and landing on the opposite scratched side next to his “Two Face” side.  A larger coin can once again be seen in the same manner respective to the side of Harvey Dent’s personality.



This one for me may be the preferred for me.  Now having two Harvey Dents instead looking at themselves.  A hand in the middle represents the same hand, flipping a coin to make his choices.  The same nature of the coin position respective to his sides are shown again as well as a background coin.  The different shapes in the picture illustrated through cuts once again will be used to incorporate different angles of each side to show time or movement just as the coin is doing.



Final sketch showing a more unique input of what Cubism can look like.  You can see the same shapes and hand with the coin flipping motion used but this time with a more different input onto what will happen with his head and face sides.  One side will or can be facing toward the viewer while the other can be a side face looking the other way.  While using each cute for putting a different angle of the same side of the face.