Progress 1.1

1. Starting by taking all assets and extracting them for compositions.

Progress 12. One example of an extracted asset, edges made to be just part of the rough draft, no concentration on perfection.  For now this is just to complete a rough draft of the composition.

Progress 2

 3. Have To Resize Assets

Progress 34. An Example of a Resized Asset

First Draft Composition

5. Very Rough Layout of How Composition Structure Will Look

Progress 4

6. Experimenting with different assets to enhance the look, also the right side of the rock was made lighter to mad that of the rest of the rock to blend better with the colors of the water.

progress pic 9

7. With great help from the professor, a greater ripple look for the water and blending of the tiger was achieved.  Some assets were hidden just to show this important progress.

progress pic 10

8. Cat and rock made a bit brighter along with a little more blending of the moss and leaves.  Last step is a sky will be added to create a brighter feel and to fill in empty gaps.

xx. Final Composition: On Final Tab Under Hyper-Realism.